Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bob and Flo book review

We read a lot of picture books at my house. We used to just read our same books over and over because I had banned myself from the library. I was soooo bad at returning books. Belonging to the library was like being part of an expensive monthly book club where I didn't even get to keep the books. But reading the same picture books over and over was boring and the library beckoned to me.

So I went back . . . cautiously. And I discovered an awesome thing! The library elf!

I know what you're thinking. No, this is a not an elf that comes to your house and finds all your missing library books. (Although, if anyone ever finds one please send it my way.) This elf automatically renews checked out items when they are about to be due. It keeps doing this for as long as a book is eligible to be renewed. It also sends texts or email reminders for when things are going to be overdue. What?!? I know. It's amazing. So now I almost never have late fees (hooray!) but I do still occasionally end up "buying" books that I can't find or that accidentally get left out in the rain. But for all the books I check out, I figure I'm still getting the better end of the bargain.

Such as with this delightful book.

Of all the many books we read before bed, Bob and Flo, has been one of our favorites. It had us laughing out loud. Plus it has the added benefit of being a super fast read for those nights when the longest story you want to read is something like: "Once upon a time there were people. They were tired, so they went to bed. Goodnight!" 

So go check it out! (But don't forget to return it!)

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