Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The better I get at writing, the worse I get at reading

               It’s disastrous. Reading is probably right up there as one of my all-time favorite things in this world to do, so I’m not really happy about it progressively loosing bits of its magic.
                The best thing about reading is getting lost in a story and the second best thing is being completely blown away by the mystery and genius of it all. It’s really depressing when I start to notice the author more than the characters. It’s not that I try to do this (most of the time.) Usually I want to get lost in a story, and luckily I still often can. But I also can’t help noticing things
the author does well and also things he or she doesn’t do well, which is great for learning but not so great for enjoyment.
                Although, I have to admit, it is exhilarating when I read something from an author that used to baffle me with its genius and then later begin to see the “wires” behind its illustrious “magic tricks.”
                So in the end if becoming a “bad” reader is the sacrifice I have to make to become a better writer, it’s a sacrifice I’ll gladly make. And maybe one day I can baffle you all with my own kind of creative genius because the truth is—every book has its own unique magic and luckily this world is full of the creative works of others and I’m so grateful we can build and learn and grow off one another’s gifts.  

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