Thursday, June 22, 2017

Books my 9 year old loves

My son Noah just gobbles up books. It make my author-heart so proud. School got out less than three weeks ago and he's already read 6 books. (I may be a tad bit jealous.) . . . And now we need to take another trip to the library. 

His favorite books are fantasy/adventure type books, so if your child is into those here are some more they might like. I've also included a very helpful synopsis/review from Noah (my nine year old) for each one.  

The Familiars

Noah: "It's a book about magic that's just like awesome and most books are about wizards that have magic but this is about animals that have magic . . . but also wizards . . . but animals use the magic more."

Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

Noah: "It's a book where dragons are real. Its about a boy who's suddenly in this place and he finds this shop that's a magic shop and he finds this things that glows on all sides and later on he finds out its a dragon egg and then later on he has to let it go."


Noah: "It's a mixture of fun adventures and magic." (And this is all he has to say after reading three books of about 500 pages each. No but really, this one has been one of his favorite series.)

The 39 Clues

Noah: "It's like a mystery book but its also not exactly a mystery book . . . it's about magic, well kind of. And it's like an irresistible mix of mystery and magic."

The Candy Shop War:

Noah: "It's the only place where wizards make magical candy."

Sky Jumpers

Noah: "There's two so far but the series is still getting written. Also, it's in the future and it's just a place where there's a gas that can kill you in one breath but if you hold your breath gravity goes slower inside of it and people save their city using the power to go through it." 

So there you have it. Take it from a nine-year old, these are books you simply cannot live without. Especially if you like magic . . . well kind of. 

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