Wednesday, June 7, 2017

I Am Otter book review

Have you met Otter? He is pretty much the best. We discovered him at the library the other day when we picked up his first book.

We were seriously laughing out loud. Otter is so lovable and super silly. Imagine Curious George but with more personality. It will make you want to go out and get yourself an otter so you can be an otter keeper . . . although that might be a bad idea because according to the author, Sam Garton, the one time he met one in real life it bit him. But that's okay because you can still enjoy the silly antics of the cartoon otter in book form as well as on the internet. I've discovered he has more books, which we are very anxious to check out and a website narrated by Otter himself with all kinds of fun things like his Diary and a little game called Dress Otter. It's a definite must see.

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