Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Normal Norman book review

Norman, the orangutan in this book, is not normal. It takes the narrator a while to realize it, but being abnormal is actually perfectly . . . normal. Everybody is their own kind of normal and that is just fantastic.

This book is great, and it got me thinking about my kids new school. They just started at a new charter school that has leveled ability groups for reading and math--which I love--and is the whole reason we are willing to drive miles and miles to take them to school when we literally have their old school inside our neighborhood.

It's not that we didn't like their old school. It's actually a great school! I just wish all schools could adhere to the genius that is ability-groups. It's silly to think that everyone in the same grade should just be "normal" and on the same level.

Check out Norman and all the abnormal gorilla things he does. Like sleeping in a bunk bed and trying to rescue the bananas and oranges from being eaten (because he apparently thinks they are alive.) It's pretty silly and a lot of fun . . . just the kind of picture book I like!

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