Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Asking for Inspiration--"What is one thing you want me to do today?"

It’s been a long time since I last blogged—like eight months. I kept meaning to start back up again but being a mom (heck, being a human) is too full to be able to say “yes” to everything and everyone. So blogging became one of the things that was pretty easy to say “no” to, in order to make room for everything else.

But then the other day I read this article.

To Women: “Doing Better Doesn’t Mean Doing More”

And it really spoke to me. The main idea of the article is to ask the Lord, every day this question:

And I asked.

And he said “Write a blog post.”

And so here we are today.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this new adventure I am embarking on, but also a little afraid. I feel a bit like this mom I saw once who let her kids dress her for a whole week. They came up with some pretty crazy attire. I mean, I’m pretty sure God’s not going to ask me to go outside with underwear on my head or anything like that, but I really feel like I’m putting myself out there, wide open like this.

But truth be told, I have a pretty big need for variety in my life and so this is really up my alley. It's pretty appealing to me to wake up every morning, not knowing what the “one thing” will be until I ask. Plus, it feels a bit like having my own personal coach—the best personal coach. You really can’t top God, right?

There is another thing that worries/excited me about this whole thing though. You see, I’ve never really been that good at receiving inspiration. The main problem being that I hardly ever take the time to ask for inspiration, and when I do my questions are pretty vague. I say things like “help me to know if . . .” instead of just outright asking the question and waiting for/expecting an answer. And then, even when I do get answers I often second guess them, wondering if the message was from God or just from me. It’s very easy for me to discount messages that come to my heart and mind. Sometimes I feel like God has to hit me upside my head if he wants me to listen so that's why I’m excited to get more practice and learn to discern his messages to me. My plan is to not only execute the “one thing” but also to record it so I can remember how the inspiration came and what it felt like.

And finally, one of my biggest motivations in doing this is to feel more peace and happiness in my life. I know I will never accomplish everything on my to-do list, but I can already feel the sense of accomplishment that will come from at least doing one thing every day that the Lord wants me to do. That feels like the most important thing. I’ll happily say “yes” to God.

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